Het is de schraapzucht, gentlemen


Fiction 50 minutes
Director: Annette Apon
Producer: Circe films
Made for Dutch film days and N.P.S. television
from the famous animal stories of Anton Koolhaas.
Camera: Anne Marie Borsboom

Het verhaal:
In This is the schraapzucht, gentlemen, animals consider the meaning of life. The three parts tell in a very special way at first sight the normal life of animals. So the sheep Ursula asks herself, existentially, is the meadow the same when I am not there?, the old seagull Tractaal hopes for a giant gathering of fellow birds, and gentleman Tip asks himself, why the fattest pigs always get taken away. The voices of the animals were performed by o.a. Ton Lensink en Truus te Selle.