Warzone Suriname

The gold robbers, the Maroons and Indians

Not so long ago, the Maroon people and indigenous communities in Suriname knew one thing for sure: our forest is our supermarket, drugstore, our fishing and hunting area. Occassionally, the vast jungle even gave the zealous local adventurers - deep in the jungle with their sieve pans and bake rivers scoured - a nugget of gold.

In 2007 everything changed. Iron fences were installed all around the jungle, with large signs: "No Trespassing". Local people are kept away by cursing guards armed with pistols and rifles. Sieve Pans have given way to huge excavators and drills, with all their power to ensure a creaking and heartbreaking clearcutting.

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Regie Gideon van Aartsen
Interviews Vinije Haabo
Camera Anne Marie Borsboom
Geluid Ruth Terpstra
uitzending Llink nov 2008