BOI - Song of a Wanderer

It is 2003. Nitzan, a highly intelligent, good-looking girl in her twenties, living in Tel Aviv, wants to escape the stress, terror and military draft in Israel and leaves for Tokyo to work in a nightclub. She hates the job but needs the money to keep on travelling. After Tokyo she lives in New York, Amsterdam and Milan.
Sucked into a world of escapism and night life; time and again she tries to focus her energy but her restless soul isn’t helping her much. One thing is a constant though, wherever she goes, she takes portraits of herself to keep up with her feelings.

Finally in Milan she studies and works at a renowned institute of photography, and makes a great personal discovery, although many of her self-portraits already gave a hint: ‘the girl with the moustache’ decides to change her life. Now her identity is no longer something fixed, she feels like reborn and all her imbalances seem to vanish into thin air. As an amazingly attractive young man, he dates gay guys. New York is an eldorado for exploring both the gay world and his Jewish identity.

And ever since she let go of the past, (s)he found her life was beginning. This quote from Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando holds true for Nitzan. He cherishes his first name, because the astrological meaning is: to die and be reborn. After following Nitzan for more than 12 years, the film went through a similar process of rebirth. In 2016 the film will have his premier in Europe and USA. For those who cannot wait, it is already possible to buy the book to discover this one of a kind story.  Online or in the bookshop!

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