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The goal of our pilot at IDFA

During the IDFA at the Oxfam Novib selection 24 and 25 nov Share.Doc wants to explore if the audience is just as enthusiastic for a peer to peer platfom as Share.Doc is.    

After having watched a documentary, aspiring donors can go to the Share.Doc website/app to donate to the protagonist and/or the linked charity, or sign up for a participation activity or campaign 

Who we are and what we do

Share.Doc connects you to the work of the everyday heroes that need your support
Connecting the dots between sharing and documentaries. The platform connects the story of the protagonist from a specific documentary to a bigger impact.  The platform aims to close the gap between the world of documentary films, philanthropy and participation. 

Share.Doc operates by means of an online platform and app that enables people to support a good cause financially or participatory. The protagonists from international documentaries are signed up to the Share.Doc platform by the filmmaker. They can be connected with charity organizations that support people from similar backgrounds, which we call matched funding. After having watched a documentary, film lovers can donate money or participate in a campaign, like a signature campaign or organized Twitter activism. Share.Doc is committed to helping vulnerable communities by connecting different worlds. Documentaries and organizations can be found under different themes, which in turn are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Share.Doc is the first international platform that enables people to take action after watching a documentary film. It is the first of its kind. The platform enables documentary-lovers with a conscience to act on what they feel.

You’ve just been taken on a 90-minute journey of a woman providing education to kids in the middle of a warzone. She has shared her most intimate struggles, hopes and fears. You’ve come to know her and admire her bravery. And you want to DO something, but you can’t: protagonists of documentaries share their stories, not their contact details. But what if you could? 

About the founder 

With over 30 years of experience as a filmmaker and producer of Borsboom Filmproductions, Anne Marie Borsboom is today the proud founder of Share.Doc. She was one of the first camerawomen in the Netherlands, working for various directors. Throughout her career she talked to film festival directors, filmmakers around the world, which led her to the idea of creating a platform that enables documentary makers and their audiences to give back. Share.Doc is the result of her journey as a caring filmmaker. 

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Share.Doc will be a non-profit. Grants will be applied for internationally for the first 2 years. We want Share.Doc to eventually become a financially self-sustaining platform. Income will be generated by a small commission on donations plus a ‘pay what you want’ option when filmmakers or charity sign up to the platform. Additionally, organizations will get the option to advertise on the Share.Doc website for a fee. Costs are limited to building/maintaining the platform, marketing and promotion.