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ShareDotDoc connects you to the work of the everyday heroes that need your support

You’ve just been taken on a 90-minute journey of a woman providing education to kids in the middle of a warzone. She has shared her most intimate struggles, hopes and fears. You’ve come to know her and admire her bravery. And you want to DO something, but you can’t: protagonists of documentaries share their stories, not their contact details. But what if you could?


Share.Doc (‘share dot doc’)

Connecting the dots between sharing and documentaries. 

Share.Doc connects the story of the protagonist from a specific documentary to a big impact. The platform aims to close the gap between the world of documentary films and philanthropy. The expertise of filmmakers; to evoke emotions and empathy, is what the world of NGOs and not-for-profits so direly needs to raise the funds to carry out their work.

Share.Doc is a foundation that operates by means of an online platform that enables people to make financial donations. The protagonists from international documentaries are connected with the not-for-profits that support people from similar backgrounds. We call this matched-funding.

Share.Doc enables documentary-lovers with a conscious to pay what they feel.


What we want to make happen in 2018

1) An online platform with payment features will be built. Share.Doc will be launched at a renowned international documentary film festival in the Netherlands, a European and worldwide launch will follow in 2019.

2) Documentary filmmakers can submit their documentary protagonists on the Share.Doc website and set a target. Organizations and funds can be featured on the platform by theme or linked to a specific documentary.

3) After having watched a documentary, do-gooders can donate their preferred amount to the protagonist and the good cause that is linked to it on the Share.Doc website. 

4) Share.Doc will be promoted through websites and film festivals worldwide.


Context for the project [read more]


About the founders

Share.Doc was founded by filmmaker Anne Marie Borsboom and gender & sexuality consultant Iris Weges [read more]

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Share.Doc will be a non-profit. We are in the process of applying for funding to make our platform a reality.