My Work

I consider it to be a true gift when someone opens their life to my camera and me. Not only for me being a filmmaker but also for me being a human being. And that's something I am thankful for.

BOI - Song of a Wanderer

Boi was originally aimed to relate the living conditions of individuals in countries where political and religion issues hamper everyday life. But Boi became the story of an inner struggle, a quest for who one really is. Boi is the story of a girl who wanted to be boy. Boi keeps tracks of Nitzan’s life and body changes, following her through her journey all over the world. But most important it shows us the surprisingly beautiful direction uncertain steps can take. Nitzan unveils who she really is: an amazingly attractive and vigorous young man. 


Women let themselves go passionately during Carnival, documentary Carnival Women ' six women for whom carnival means much more than celebrate

Homesick- Heimwee - Sila Hasreti

One’s country or one’s beloved?! While nostalgia for one’s homeland is being sung about in various ways by Turkish writers and singers, making it into a universal emotion, it turns out that for Selma (48) the perspective changes unexpectedly and dramatically once she remigrates with her family to her beloved Turkey.

All Quiet

About women who kill their husbands in self-defense.

Warzone Suriname

In een nog niet zo heel ver verleden wisten de marrons en inheemse bevolking in Suriname één ding zeker: ons bos is onze supermarkt, onze apotheek, ons vis- en jachtgebied. Het onmetelijke oerwoud leverde de ijverige lokale gelukszoekers, die diep in de jungle met hun zeefpannetjes en –bakken de rivieren afstroopten, zo nu en dan ook wat klompjes goud op.


Satire of two woman who try to seduce each other on horseback.

Het is de schraapzucht, gentlemen

In This is the schraapzucht, gentlemen, animals consider the meaning of life. The three parts tell in a very special way at first sight the normal life of animals. So the sheep Ursula asks herself, existentially, is the meadow the same when I am not there?, the old seagull Tractaal hopes for a giant gathering of fellow birds, and gentleman Tip asks himself, why the fattest pigs always get taken away.

The making of Blackbook / De storm / Wild Romance

From Weakness to Power

The Jewish community council of Enschede, 1940-43

Can you send me 60 Saws and 12 Sewing machines?

Documentary, filmed in Ghana, Burkina Fasso en Zimbabwe. Foundation Gered Gereedschap (Saved Tools) collects and refurbishes surplus tools, already for 20 years. Once refurbished, they are sending them on request to small scale initiatives in developing countries, such as schools, womencarpenter coöperations, and even sculptor collectives

Zweeds ijs

Een gedicht opgedragen in het zweeds. Gemaakt voor een schaatsvereniging.