Warzone Suriname

The gold robbers, the Maroons and Indians

In a not so far past Maroons in Suriname and Indians knew one thing for sure: our forest is our supermarket, drugstore, our fishing and hunting area. The vast jungle gave the zealous local adventurers, deep in the jungle with their sieve pans and bake rivers scoured, occasionally even some nuggets of gold.

In 2007 everything changed. In the jungle are cast iron fences placed thereon nailed with large signs: "No Trespassing". Local prospectors are kept away by cursing guards with pistols and rifles. Sieve Pans have given way to huge excavators and drills, with all their power to ensure creaking a heartbreaking clearcutting.

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Regie Gideon van Aartsen
Interviews Vinije Haabo
Camera Anne Marie Borsboom
Geluid Ruth Terpstra
uitzending Llink nov 2008