BOI, song of a wanderer Photobook

Boi, Song of a Wanderer is a photographic journey through life and around the world to find peace and salvation, which comes down to being true to oneself. It is a unique document and impressive story about a ten-year period in the life of Nitzan Krimsky and his transition from girl to boi. The story is told through endless diaristic self-portraits. From being the girl with a moustache, to floating in between identities, until the final step was taken. We are witnesses to this fascinating and haunting story of both victim and hero. The self-reflexive images, often provocative, narcissistic and obsessive, result from a constant and feverish investigation of identity and its representation. This book, and the documentary with the same title, are the result of an ongoing experiment with the capacities of the photographic medium to document, communicate, construct identity and above all as a means that allows for imagination and creating new realities. Most of all Boi, Song of a Wanderer is the proof of an individual who dared to choose to take charge of his own existence, unravelled by photography.

Claudia Küssel, Curator Foam 

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DVD Carnavalsvrouwen

Anne Marie Borsboom portretteerde zes vrouwen die het volksfeest aangrijpen om „de vrijheid te nemen die vrouwen in de stad elke dag hebben”. Een juweeltje dat op prime time niet had misstaan. Met fijne citaten en nog mooiere beelden. Een NRC-lezer die zich uitdost als Tsjechovs dame met het hondje omwille van de aanspraak. Co (96) die in bontjas met breezer swingt op straat. En zieke Riet die zich zit te verbijten op de bank terwijl de zussen feestvieren. ( Wubby Luyendijk NRC) 


Nederlands gesproken / Dutch spoken, no English subtitles

Women let themselves go even more than men during the yearly Carnival celebrations in the south of the Netherlands, discovered filmmaker Anne Marie Borsboom. In her documentary "Women's Carnival " she portrays six women for whom carnival means much more than a yearly festivity. Getting drunk and occupying the street is mainly reserved for men. But Carnival is a festival where women take this upon themselves. The documentary tells of five generations of women and the freedom they experience in those few days a year .

"Women feel much freer during carnival compared to men," says one of them . "I live in a small village , and there is a lot of gossip. If they have seen you in a bar a few times with a man, they will gossip, because they pay attention. "But with carnival this does not matter. Aliah, a somewhat portly artist from Den Bosch, mixes with the common people once a year, as "the lady with the dog". She flirts with men she normally doesn't meet. One of the most moving moments is the image of Reed, an old lady who would go to Carnival with her sisters. Carnival Reed can't go this year because she is sick. She sits motionless in the dark living room, the remote control of the television in her hand. She fights back tears. Meanwhile, her elderly sisters Annie and Thea are out and about on a pub crawl through the city.

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